Mission statement


insurgency* REVOLT!* 



*Insurgency – The act of revolting, of producing and providing art to the unseeing eye. To awaken the city of Worcester to a newer cultural way of thinking.


*REVOLT! - To play is free, to game is to play and therefore a form of revolt against a system that values work and only work.



The industries of Gaming and Art have become so popularised and stale, leaving little room for innovation, dissent or independent thought - insurgency REVOLT challenge the norm ('modest' conditioning), we celebrate the diversity of independent thought. We are the ones that failed to be brainwashed. As artists we have a role in society, a role that's often opposed by those that can sit opposite us. A role that's often demeaned and underestimated. We say let them underestimate; there's power in being underestimated. insurgency is interested in art and supporting the next generation of  artists. We are anti-establishment, but a willing participant in the development of young artists that are coming through the university system or otherwise.


insurgency is open to work with all artists and invite all to take part in online exhibitions, critical writing, reading groups, online residency, zine and, of course, play. We particularly encourage and invite participation from the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled and disadvantaged artists, as well as creative practitioners from around the world. Worcester is a potential place of artistic liberation, but currently divulges in commercial art that does little to communicate the issues of the present or future. insurgency's plan is to disrupt the peace and revolt against the stuffy, stale, materialistic nature of the art world and the stagnant community. insurgency intends to forge connections outside of England and the UK with insurgency’s links to galleries in Belgium and friends in China.


insurgency plans to build an online presence through a community of multi-cultural artists, writers and producers of art. This will initially be achieved through an online presence on Instagram. With the Instagram platform, we will share artists and their work, and post open calls for writers and artists to participate with the online gallery. We have a website designed around insurgency REVOLT! It will be a place of constant change and update. We will utilise a blog as a form of digital zine and provide gaming reviews and lore talk. Every artist will be seen as a project participant and their work will be stored on their respective page. Each page will contain links to the artist’s websites, their work and other details to foster an online community and help promote the people who have helped us move forward as an organisation.



3 year plan.


Year 1

Generate an online presence with over 10,000 followers (By the end of year one) on platforms such as Instagram.


-Engaging with local communities, multi ethnic and cultural audiences and artists.

-To produce an online zine with weekly articles to be provided through open calls.

-To increase participants by 1000% - 1500% within 6 months.

-To engage with current online content creators from around the world. (gaming).

Set up and register a non-for-profit organization and to curate and organize an exhibition in a historic meaningful building in Worcester


-Apply for arts council project grant to produce a meaningful exhibition within the city of Worcester. Providing artist funding and sleeping arrangements. *8 months.

- Liaise with the City Arts and Education councilor.

-Make meaningful links with the University arts department. Offer free mentorship.


Year 2

Further arts council funding to continue an artist presence within the city of Worcester and the County.


-Increase physical exhibitions from 1 to 3. and an extra exhibition within the city of London using our links with Five Years Gallery.

Start to look for a prominent space to base our projects to provide spaces for residencies for foreign and UK artists. The space must have sufficient room to provide studio and office space to self-fund the project.


-Continue to liaise with the city Council and Arts Council for funding and spaces.

-Continue conversation with the university and mentorship for students.

-Create Links to Worcester gaming community. Possibly using any space for Lan parties or Tournaments.

-With the vision of having a gallery gaming team to compete in tournaments. Making links with Sports directs (formally) GAME.



Year 3

Aim to have a space that is interactive with weekly exhibitions or gaming-based events, that is all but self-funded including paying for artists to run the space.


-Continue with online presence with ongoing open calls for funded projects for disadvantaged artists. These can be paid entry but would be against our ethos of being open for all so would like to remain free open calls.

-Have a space that can fund itself through rentable studio spaces and work spaces.

-Acquire equipment through funding and or fundraising to gain equipment for print making, photography and film making.