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PTSD fueled Gaming addiction, the death of Battle Royals.

It is, it definitely is the time that the genre of Battle Royal goes back to it's roots. I am a GAMER. I play games, video games to be precise. Games bring me out reality, away from life and into an all inclusive* no holds bar arena and when I am plugged in I do not like that reality broken besides its a virtual arena and unfortunately as much as I'd live in that world for ever, this world ruins that.

The player, the light, the wind, the background noise, the dust, the rain...potentially influence the gaming experience Mortensen, 2009.

Why do I mention this, well gaming is competitive, Battle Royals are in their own right competitive. Your virtual avatar dies you lose. But its boring, boring even with updated variations such as Activision's Warzone*, I much rather the gritty basic Battle Royal PUBG. Don't get me started on Fortnite, oh god. So my head was turned I wanted something LIKE a Battle Royal but not that, Like DayZ but not as slow as the sandbox, I had found it.

Escape From Tarkov, oh my wasn't it beautiful, gritty like PUBG, action packed like Warzone but ultra realistic where your dollar shop ballistic vest is a valuable as corrugated card, where only the most skillful Chad* or sneaky Rat* could win. Oh it has problems, even years down the line; as do all early access games but I was addicted, I was addicted to dyeing, loosing. Why, because of the realism, the progression system and the very detailed lore which can only be explained by writing a whole paper on that singular game. I played hundreds of hours from dawn till dusk and dusk till dawn. Tarkov is not a Battle Royal but it takes those elements of death is death, DayZ's Russian communist esk hostile virtual world mashes it with some Rainbow Six Siege type close compact and creates a monster, an addictive monster with enough loot for all to fight over. For Tarkov is PTSD fueled, its scary. Escape from Tarkov is not simply a looter shooter, Battle Royal or tactical military sim its a fucking Horror, every sound out of place makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, hearing the door creak open knowing someone is coming for you...

“First-person shooters remain one of the most popular genres in games for good reason. They’re exciting, tactical, and the individual perspective is very immersive. Our goal with Escape from Tarkov is to create an incredibly tense atmosphere built on environments that feel like they have a real history and personality,” Nikita Buyanov.

That is why Battle Royals should die because there is so much more creativity in the world than one genre and we are at the point now where every game developer copy pastes a free to play Battle Royal game into their library and your boring. Ubisoft boring, Activistion boring, Respawn BORING. GIT GUD, bring back the magic of Atari and become creative.

*All inclusive in the sense that anyone, any culture, can play at any time male or female.

*Warzone is an off shoot Battle Royal that was latter released as part of Call of Duty Modernwarfare, BTW best Call of Duty in my opinion since COD 4.

*Chad - term used by the Escape from Tarkov community to describe a player who runs about after kills and glory.

*Rat - Term used by the Escape from Tarkov community to describe someone who hides in dark corners and attempts to get the most expensive loot and just escape avoiding all conflict.

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